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Suggestions By The MasterMind Crazy0G
The Game is near to perfect ! Nothing is without bugs but I'm not reporting bugs here ! Just some suggestions.

Chatbox suggestion : 
Whenever you teleport somewhere you get over flooded by info.
Going to :: pengs gives you info about other bosses and and drop rates. my suggestion is adding an info NPC to every map that tells you about the map you are right now.
So like this : 

Pengs Informative  : 
"These are beginner monsters dropping a lot of beginner items and easy to start making money and training for better rewards go to ;;easyboss , ;;hardboss , ;;opboss"

EasyBoss Informative : 
"These are the easy bosses for awesome items and money making if it takes to long to kill it go grind ;;pengs for some starter equipment so you can kill it easier for better rewards go to ;;hardboss or ;;opboss"

HardBoss Informative : 
"These are pretty hard bosses watch out for it's massive attacks if you can't kill it go ;;easyboss for some better items or grind more ;;pengs to make cash  for even better rewards go to ;;opboss"

OPBoss Informative : 
"This is a verry strong boss and killing this can make you richer than any other boss if you can't kill it go grind some lower bosses like ;;hardboss , ;;easyboss or ;;pengs to get stronger"

In game drop lists ! 
Every player wants to know what the monster he or she is killing drops. Why not do the Examine Drop List (examine a monster to open a drop table).
Makes it easier and people know what they can get from killing a monster/boss.
The forum is also a great place but currently all that is are the custom bosses and monsters.

Boss Point system.
Whenever I kill a boss it says "you got # (insert number here) boss points" but actually I only get 1 per kill. This can be annoying for a lot even tho it's not that big of a problem.

I thank you for your time reading this.

Yours Faithfully

Personally the way you explained how each NPC/Boss should have those descriptions in that format and detail would be much easier to read/understand, and would also eliminate some of the unneeded info. To that I give a thumbs up! ?

As for the drop list on each NPC/Boss.. Snow is implementing so when you right click on the NPC/Boss and click "Drop List" it will open a interface just like a shop and will show what that specific NPC/Boss drops.

Thanks for your suggestions! They are what drives the community and makes SnowRSPS even better for the community
these are really good suggestions
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