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My Introduction!
Thank you for taking the time to visit my post! 
I'm Crazy0G
A well known player and guide maker on a lot of servers! 
I played RS for years (13+ years) 
After I quit on RS I started with p-servers hosting my own server in 2011 for 7 months!
My experience on RSPS : 
  • Admin/Moderator
  • Server Support
  • Respected Member 
  • Trusted Member 
I found this server and fell in love with it the community the game play and everything this server has to offer!
    So I'm offering something back.
  • Video's for fun ! Skilling/PVM/MISC guides ! 
  • Private hosted events and all around help for players ! 
About me : 
I'm talk active on Discord and in game. Every one calls me Crazy (yes even in real life) I love Liverpool FC. I love football and fishing. 
I'm 25 years and I was born on 11th of August 1992. 
Studied Economics and get a Master Degree as Financial Adviser.

If you have any questions I'll answer them gladly!

Yours Faithfully


Hi am Newbie from India .  It is also a great place to discuss news ..share experiences, and voice your opinions.Getting started on your discussion forum is easy.  Excellent forum ...Happy to stay here .

Thank you .

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forum is really good
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